Testimonials from former Students

Benita - founder/owner of charm plus was the first recipient of the start up award in the women entrepreneur awards


As society is consumed with technology, there are still standards in life that we must value. At Charm Plus, Benita inspires her students to navigate in this world with grace, style and class. My daughter and former classes were fortunate to be taught by Benita, in the past.
Estelle Scappatura
...Poise, etiquette, posture, make-up; all of these skills gave me confidence for job interviews and public speaking to hundreds of people in my current role as a Scientist and Assistant Professor at the university of Toronto. Benita was my role model as a teenager and I would not be where I am today without her guidance and support.
Andrea Tricco
As a teen, Benita taught me to be graceful without overdoing it, how to apply makeup without looking like a clown, how to pluck your eyebrows without removing them all accidentally, how to stand straight and tall and speak to a crowd; even if you are the shy girl or boy who doesn't speak to anyone.
Sabrina Rocca
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